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Marine Fueling Systems

Enviro-FillTM – Tank Overfill Prevention System

Trust Ameri-Kart's patented Enviro-Fill technology to deliver superior quality to your marine fueling system. Our Overfill Prevention System (OPS) and fuel vapor capture system will help meet the refueling and emission requirements of the EPA.  

Enviro-Fill is the only fuel system in the marine industry to use technology independent of a boat’s design; to automatically shut off the refueling nozzle when the fuel in the tank reaches 95% capacity. The Enviro-Fill pressure-relief system also allows the boat builder to meet the EPA requirements for capturing fuel vapor through either a pressurized or charcoal canister system.
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Enviro-Fill Direct-FillTM – Fuel Overfill Prevention System

The Enviro-Fill Direct-Fill technology functions the same way as the standard Enviro-Fill, but mounts directly to the boat fuel tank, requiring limited hose hook-ups. The Direct-Fill process reduces the cost of hook-ups and achieves a higher tank capacity rating. Direct-Fill comes pre-mounted in the fuel tank, creating an easy installation process.

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